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We specialize in LPG propane injection for diesel vehicles.

Badgerland Performance has been in the propane injection business for over 10 years providing our propane injection kits to individuals and businesses.

We offer competitive prices on all of our diesel propane injection kits. We have sold over 4,000 propane injection kits since 2004 and are the largest seller of propane kits in the US.

Our propane injection kits can be used on Semi-Tractors, heavy-duty vehicles, turbo diesel pick-up trucks, Recreational Vehicles and turbo diesel cars.

If you do not see a propane injection kit that fits your needs, or you are not sure if our propane  injection kits will work on your vehicle, contact us  and we will gladly help you.Badgerland Performance, for all your Propane Injection needs for all diesel engines

If you are looking to purchase a propane injection system for your diesel engine, Badgerland Performance is your place to find the right product at a great price.

These parts are new and are UL certified. The vaporizer / regulator is a streamline N-J LPG  high pressure regulator, rated for up to 100 horsepower increase. It also has a silicone diaphragm, not the cardboard style like other systems use.  Liquid or vapor propane enters the regulator and then is vaporized. The tank pressure is reduced to approximately 1.5 psi.  As air flows through the engine intake, the regulator releases propane vapor into the engines intake. This is a negative pressure regulator. There is no way for propane to be released unless the engine is running.

Badgerland Performance’s propane injection systems are regulated by airflow. The more air flowing through the intake, the more propane is released.  It is a perfect mixture of air and propane at all RPM’s. This prevents over fueling.  Also included with our system is a LED indicator light which shows when the propane is being injected, this helps you fine tune when the propane turns on.  Our system can be used on cars, pick-ups, semi-trucks, pulling tractors, farm tractors, buses.  We  have separate kits  for those applications.

We have this system on our semi that we use to load  propane. The power increase on this truck is amazing. I gained 8 MPH on a hill that I normally had to drop a gear on.

The solenoid is a 12 volt DC solenoid, which is also equipped with a filter, so you can run liquid or vapor propane. You wouldn’t run your engine with out an air or oil filter would you? So why would you run propane into your engine without a filter? Most all of the other kits use inexpensive solenoids not equipped with a filter so you can only run unfiltered vapor propane. Beware of this.

The pressure switch, which is used to turn the solenoid on, is a Hobbs pressure switch which is adjustable for your application. The brass sparge tube is adjustable for the amount of  propane you want to flow in to the intake. This kit comes with every thing you need to set up propane injection on your diesel engine, except the tank. You can purchase our kits with or without high pressure hose that goes from the tank to the solenoid. If the length of the hose in a kit is not what you need contact me when you know how long you want the hose, and I can make one up for you. Click here for to make a special request>>

You can turn the system on and off  from inside the cab with the included  toggle switch that gets wired to your ignition switch.  The adjusting of propane flow is done at the sparge tube, not at the regulator, like other systems. Fuel mileage gains are anywhere from 3 to 7 MPG in a pickup truck, (In my Ford pick-up, I gained 5 MPG.) and about  1 to 1.75 MPG in a semi truck.  For semi-tractors this could equal up to a 20% increase in fuel economy.

We have assembled very affordable propane injection kits that can be installed neatly in less than 4 hours. Badgerland Performance’s propane injection kits come with easy to follow instructions. We include an e-mail and phone number if you have any questions during installation.  We have many different LPG parts, fittings, and can custom make your high pressure hose to the correct length.

This is a very affordable, high quality propane injection kit. We have been working with automotive propane fuel systems for over 25 years, we know what works. Our customer’s testimonial page speaks for itself. Beware of cheap imitations, and other sellers selling kits that have no idea what they are doing. We run this same kit on our own trucks and we did extensive testing. E-mail  or call me at 920-242-9245 and  ask for Dave.  If there is something in particular you are looking for such as brass fittings, vaporizers, solenoids, sparge tubes, hoses, etc.  I will be happy to help.

Free shipping to anywhere in the US!We  ship to all 50 States and Canada . We can ship worldwide, but you must contact us for shipping quote.