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We have assembled a very affordable propane injection kit that can be installed neatly in 4  hours or less. Badgerland Performance’s propane injection kits come with easy to follow instructions. We include an e-mail and phone number if you have any questions during installation.

We have many different LPG parts, fittings, and can custom make your high pressure hose to the correct length.  Contact us if you are looking for a part you don’t see on our site.

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Click on the links or images below for the type of propane injection system you would like to find out more about:

Propane Injection Kits for Pick-up Trucks

This propane injection kit is designed for all Dodge, Ford, Chevy, and GMC Pick-ups.


Propane Injection Kits for Light Duty Vehicles

Designed for all 4-cylinder diesel vehicles.


Propane Injection Kits for Medium Duty Vehicles

For the purpose of our kit, a medium duty vehicle is defined as a vehicle with a 150 – 250 HP diesel engine.


Propane Injection Kits for Semi-Trucks



Propane Injection Kits for for Tractors
and Pulling Tractors

Are you running a farm and looking for cost savings?  Here is a way to improve your fuel economy and increase horse power.  If you are working the track, then this may get you more wins.

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